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Cab Films was established in 2011 to be a production house with a difference. To be a one-stop shop for all the branding needs of clients. It is the brainchild of the producer who started as a director. Consequently, Manmit P Sandhu isn’t a mere mediator between the client and his team. His knowledge about all related matters has made him adept at adding his own special inputs to each project, thus ensuring that every product succeeds to exceed the client’s expectation. In a span of just few months, the company has already earned for itself the respect of those in the industry who recognise excellence when they see it.

With a great mix of commercials already under their belt, this team of enthusiastic writers, directors, cinematographers, editors, animators, web designers and software engineers from India and abroad hate the idea of getting slotted in, exactly why our films range from action to VFX to stories that need emotional story-telling. They work with a single agenda, to create things they can be proud of. Expressing the creativity that is raging inside, through the medium they love passionately. The medium they have spent years perfecting.

The right people and the right resources have made this young company a name to reckon with. These people excel in making the client’s vision their own. The end product, therefore, always manages to showcase beautifully every unique and specific aspect of the product. Tie-ups with international post production houses to deliver technically unequalled quality of production, while their in-depth knowledge of local economies help them to keep a tight rein on the budget.

Nobody puts their ideology better than Manmit himself,

“when you come to us, you don’t just pay for the 3 days we will work together, but for the DECADE-long experience we bring.”